Rapala Triple X-Rap

Designed in Australia for the toughest, hard-fighting fish; Rapala’s Triple X-Rap comes equipped with the most durable construction for a lure in its category, that we’ve ever released.

  Complete with moulded bib, 4X strong split rings, 6X VMC Perma Steel treble hooks, through-wired construction and a secured solid tow ring; the Triple X-Rap leaves nothing to chance.

  Ideal for both casting and trolling, with a slow rise on the pause; this beefy 10cm lure won’t just prevail over tough encounters, it will encourage them – with its reflective holographic eye and unique X-Rap colour schemes that fish find irresistible.

  Available only in Australia, in eight unique colour patterns.

Rapala EcoWear Reflection Waders

In addition to the special design protected appearance, Rapala EcoWear Reflection Waders have been manufactured with a unique, ecological technology by Dupont: DuPont Cerenol Polyol, a proprietary new family of high performance polyether polyols, which is manufactured in a sustainable process using an ingredient derived from agricultural feedstock.

  This renewable source reduces our carbon footprint on the environment, and is applied to the waterproofing process, resulting in an excellent waterproof rating (19,000mm) and breathability (4000g/m/24h) with 30% smaller fossil energy use and 35% smaller greenhouse gas emissions.

  Rapala’s EcoWear Reflection Waders are the first of its kind worldwide in terms of unique ecological manufacturing by DuPont.


  • Ergonomic back supportive belt
  • Zippered hand warmer pockets
  • Exclusive design protected pattern
  • Articulated knees
  • 3D mesh shoulder straps.

  Available in sizes Small to XX Large

Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow

With the responsive swimming action of balsa wood and the strength and color technology of plastic lures; Rapala’s Balsa Xtreme Minnow is the culmination of Rapala history and a modern concept united.

  Encased within a heavy-duty copolymer shell, you will notice a perfectly lure shaped wooden body made of the same product that Lauri Rapala was carving lures from during the days of Rapala’s inception – balsa. It is this balsa wood that provides the unmistakable ‘wounded minnow’ action that Rapala has become so famous for.

  Combining these traditionally separate raw materials generates a unique mix of rolling & wobbling action at a ratio of 60 to 40 that is super responsive, even at low speeds. The body is long casting and floats on a pause making it ideal for a number of shallow-water or heavy-structure applications.

  Available in 10cm/10g and in 4 great colour patterns.

  The BX series is the perfect combination of life-like action, natural look and strength for Xtreme angling conditions!

Rapala Clackin’ Magnum

Two champion families combine at last, the world famous X-Rap Magnum, and the highly successful Clackin’ series; to produce a lure that is extremely advanced and perfect in design – Rapala Clackin’ Magnum.  

The Clackin’ Magnum embodies all of the successful characteristics of both its parent families, with a number of customized alterations that set it apart, including a long narrow swimming lip with internal Rapala flash disc for added attraction. This narrow lip allows the lure to be fished over a wide range of line classes providing much less resistance when trolled or cast. Flat sides are also defining feature which produces a slightly more aggressive rolling action that is simply unbeatable for big game trolling.

  Inherited from the X-Rap Magnum, the Clackin’ Magnum features the same fish-enticing internal flash; high-speed straight-tracking action and the depth control concept that made its parent lure such a success. Rapala further added their signature Clackin’ Chamber into the mix to create a complete sensory stimulant for big predatory fish.   Available in eight X-Rap colour patterns including the new Grey Mackerel; and the introductory 20ft depth model complete with VMC Perma Steel treble hooks.

AFC Series 6- Is now in Stock

The latest instalment of AFC is now available for all keen tournament angling fans.

The two disk DVD set features eight episode including all six bream, bass, and barra rounds, plus the Ford Ranger BREAM Grand Final and the previously unseen on-free-to air TV AFC Celebrity episode. The celebrity episode features Matt Hayden (cricket), Steve Johnson (V8 racing), James Courtney (V8 racing), and Blair McDonough (Big Brother, Neighbours), while other highlights for Series 6 include the megabarra Monduran round, Tim Morgan’s big bass experience at Somerset, and the nail biting elimination of the last placed bream and bass angler.

With a running time of 374 mins and some of the most exciting AFC action to date, this latest offering from AFC is a must-have for all tournament fans. Mail order copies are available directly from ABT for $33 postage included.

To order contact ABT on (07) 3387 0888.