Megabass Japan Trade Show Trip- Gallery No.2

Here’s the last of pics. In this selection we have some of the pics of Yuki Ito and Matt Little (the trip winner) doing their presentation thing on the Saturday afternoon at the show.

Also make sure you check out the Japanese kids getting into the action in the kids entertainment area at the retail section of the show.

It was great to see how they got the children and women into the show. For me it shows a broader thinking than just blokes, beer, and fishin’.

And that rocks!

Click here to check out the images.

Megabass Japan Trade Show Trip- Gallery No.1

The Megabass fueled trip to Japan for the 2012 Osaka Tackle Trade Show was everything that I imagined and more.

The show itself was mindblowing, the company on the trip was great, the tackle stores, awe inspiring and the five hours or bass fishing that i got to do was kick arse.

Anyway enough of the hype, here’s the first selection of some of the pics that I took over the three days of the show. Click here for gallery.

There will be a full feature in the April issue of the Fishing Monthly Magazines, along with a big feature in next year’s ABT Tournament Angler Guide.

In addition to these I’ll have a handful of posts for

So enjoy the pics, I’ll have some more in a couple of days. Also if you ever get the chance to go to Japan, do it!

The place absolutely rocks!