New Atomic Metalz hit the Shelves

Hitting the shelves of tackle stores this week are the new addition to the Atomic Hardz range, the Atomic Metalz.

In 3 sizes, the metalz35 1/8oz, metalz40 1/4oz, and metalz50 3/8oz, you are sure to find a lure to suit the fish you are after from bream and whiting to bass and jew.

The ultra design allows the vibration bait to emit its action as soon as you move the rod tip. Fitted with doubles makes these lure more snag resistant but can be changed to split rings and trebles for a tough bite.

Available in 7 colours from fluoro to natural dark and silver colours with fish scales the new Atomic Metalz will be priced at $13.95RRP.

Sure to be a tournament winning bait, head to you local tackle store and stock up on the new Atomic Metalz.