Tournament Tackle Bonanza! the sister site to is excited to announce that until the end of year it will be free to sell all your excess and unwanted tournament tackle online, as well as search for new tackle bargains from ABT’s Member Retailers.

Extra options like getting your listing featured, bold or highlighted will also be free to all participants. Included in listing your goods on the forums, provides the ability to get pics online and is a one stop shop for anglers searching for rods, reels, lures and the like.

Here is a rundown on how to get involved.

Registering is easy, simply click the ‘Register’ Icon under ‘User Functions’, here you can add your details including desired username and password. Ensure you type the security text from the image and an email will be sent to you confirming your registration.


From your registered details you will now be able to login and sell your goods. Select ‘Place an Ad’ from ‘User Functions’ and step through the process.

Step 1 – Select a Category

Step 2 – Select the 4 pic Advert (ABT Member) package

Step 3 – List your tackle; include title, price and description.

In ‘Extra Options’ change your listing to be featured, bold and highlighted, which is free for a limited time only.

Step 4 – Add an image title and select browse to insert a picture. Select the file remembering it only has to be small for the website. Select add image and if you have another photo continue the same process otherwise choose ‘Skip this step’.

Step 5 – Verify your contact details and select continue.

Step 6 – Your listing will preview on the page, if it looks correct select continue.


Your tackle item will now be listed on and an email will be sent to you confirming the advert.

You will now be able to copy the link and paste it in the Fishing Monthly Forums for extra selling coverage.

The item will be featured on the front page of the website for a limited time, as well us under the category of ‘New Listings’.

You can always browse through the categories to find it or other similar items.

The listing will have an expiry date of 30 days, if you wish to change your listing simply select ‘Modify an ad’ and change the appropriate details. Here you can also delete your ad if you have been successful in selling your item.

So there you have it, a few easy steps to making some pocket money and clearing out those tournament tackle items. For further information contact ABT during business hours on 07 3387 0888 or visit Contact Us.

Bozos New E-Shop Online

One of ABT’s newest BARRA sponsors Bozos softplastics has launched their new e-shop.

Filled with the latest and greatest Bozos products it’s perfect place to fill your tackle box with an assortment of these barra loving fish catchers.  

Click the link to visit the site. Bozos E-Shop