Daiwa Z 2020H

The technology of the Daiwa baitcaster concentrates on the evolution of the braking system. In 2010 Daiwa introduces the most advanced baitcaster braking system for lure fishing – Magforce 3D.

Daiwa has a strong history of innovation. Our casting systems have set the standard for reel braking technology. In the early 1990’s Magforce introduced magnetic braking, delivering unrivalled line control.

By 1999 Magforce V had evolved, further refining the casting system and allowing anglers to cast lighter lures than never before.
Then came the new millennium and Magforce Z which could cast larger lures longer, smoother and more accurately. All these systems used a spring loaded inductor rotor in the spool that spun outwards between magnets to control the braking. Though efficient, it did not allow for different casting techniques or lure weights. Until now – enter Magforce 3D.

Combining the best attributes of the Magforce family, Magforce 3D features the ultimate in fine cast control. Unlike previous systems that relied on the inductor spinning into a single invariable magnetic field, the new Magforce 3D inductor rotor still shifts between the magnets but varies the strength of the magnetic field by shifting the magnets in the side plate. With three modes – Maxbrake, All Round and Longcast, Magforce 3D casting is now possible in three dimensions – Magforce 3D provides ultimate flexibility in one reel.

MAX BRAKE – in this mode the magnets are shifted towards the spool inductor to provide maximum magnetic field, which slows the spool. It is perfectly suited for casting into head winds with large crankbaits, heavy spinnerbaits or aerodynamically poor lures like swimbaits. ALL ROUND -in this mode the inductor rotor enters the magnetic field similar to the previous V and Z systems, providing braking during maximum speed to avoid over run. As the spool decelerates the inductor retracts allowing the spool to spin longer.

The perfect all-rounder. LONG CAST – in this mode the magnets move the furthest distance away from the inductor rotor, limiting the magnetic field and allowing unimpeded spool revolution. It is perfect for casting long distances in open water where there is little wind.

In addition to the three modes the Magforce 3D system can be set with the magnetic fine tune cast control dial. With 20 fine tune increments in 3 modes it offers 60 stages making it possible to cast in all conditions and situations. Z2020H introduces unparalleled rotary spool efficiency producing optimum casting performance never felt before.

Although spool control is the key to casting, unimpeded line flow is one of the most overlooked features of baitcaster design. The Z2020H introduces a new line guide design that uses a funnel shaped line guide with a wide entrance and thin exit. This allows line to exit more efficiently. By locating the line guide 38mm away from the spool (previous designs were 28mm) the line exits at a reduced angle resulting in smooth line discharge with minimum noise or line wear.

A new generation of Daiwa baitcaster design is here, Daiwa Z 2020H…delivering what anglers want – pure casting pleasure.  

  • Real Four Technology
  • Digigear
  • Magforce 3D
  • UTD – ultimate tournament drag
  • Super high rigid high accuracy super metal body
  • Super lightweight duraluminium speed shaft spool
  • Tough and rigid saltwater barrier clutch
  • Long arm ratcheted star drag
  • 90mm swept crank handle with large 4BB handle knobs
  • Frictionless levelwind with fluted titanium line guide
  • 12 CRBB – corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • 5 year warranty


Z 2020H 6.4 (75cm) 12 CRBB + 1 265 g 6 kg PE 1.5/290m, 2/230m, Nylon 16lb/125m, 20lb/100m

Skeeter SX170- Hot Deals

Skeeter Australia has put together this package that is yet to be rivalled in Australia – Skeeter Australia’s best selling hull, the sensational Evinrude Etec with 5 years warranty and no scheduled servicing for 3 years all sitting on a custom made in Australia fully galvanised Easytow Trailer.
Skeeter Australia’s Josh Batterson commented “with an ever increasing demand for sportsfishing boats here in Australia we have decided to once again offer this senstional package.

Our continued sponsorship of Bream teams tournaments here in Australia including the ABT Classic Grand Final, The Berkley Evinrude Teams Series, and Squidgy Southern Bream Series shows Skeeter Australia’s goal of supporting our growing sport.

The number of competitors to each round of these events this year has been fantastic and now we can offer the competitors a chance to upgrade to a Skeeter Tournament boat at a sensational package price.”
If you are visiting the Sydney International BoatShow this year we will be at stand 111 – please drop by and say Hello.