Austackle Tackle BARRA Rankings

Austackle headlines the BARRA Rankings for 2012.

One of the growing tackle brands on the bream scene, Austackle now headline the rankings race that is now known as the Austackle BREAM Classic Rankings.

Partnering their announcement as the new naming rights sponsor of the BREAM Classic rankings is Austackle’s newest initiative, Austackle Project B. A program that will see Austackle design and develop tackle specifically for Bream, Bass and Barra.
Managing Director Mike Cole said that “Project B is easily the largest single task we have ever attempted.

“It’s been 5 years in the making and it contains over 250 different line items specifically made for the Bream, Bass and Barra markets. Whilst we focused on these 3 particular fish, we also know with the addition of a few extra rod sizes and some extra lure colours, the Project B range will be suitable for just about any Australian species you care to name.

Another important thing worthy of note is that the Austackle Pro Team collectively design and test all of our own items right here in Australia before getting most things manufactured overseas to keep the price down. We employ our own quality control people overseas to keep a close eye on production standards.   Because we perform so many functions “in house” we are able to cut many of the normal overheads out of the supply and distribution chain. This leads to much lower prices compared to a lot of other brands but without sacrificing quality in any way.”

Stay tuned for more information on Project B and make sure you log-in regularly to to check out the Austackle BREAM Classic Rankings.