BARRA Schedule 2011

BARRA fans the tournament schedule for 2011 has received a facelift and overhaul for the new year. Anglers now have more events than ever to choose from.

The BARRA Tour now called BARRA Trophy Team Series remains with the mutli event tournament block once again providing anglers with a chance to gorge themself on tournaments in a two week period.

Lead-in BARRA Trophy events in May and early October add to the tournament calendar, while new to the BARRA circuit are the two BARRA Pro events.

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There will be two seperate series next year, the BARRA Trophy Teams Series, and the ABT BARRA Pro Series.  

The BARRA Trophy Teams Series is ABT affiliated, and will be co-ordinated by Matt Fraser. There will be seven events, including the five-event BARRA Tour from 28Oct – 12 Nov. These events will be teams events with all cash and prizes awarded to teams not individuals – apart from Big Barra Prizes. Angler of the year and Team of the year points will accumulate through the series. Final standings will be based on best four of seven events. There will be two categories, Pro Teams and Amatuer Teams. Pro Teams will be two anglers only, competing for the Pro Cash Pool. Amatuer Teams can comprise two to four anglers, including juniors, the entry fee will be much lower to encourage new participants. Amatuer Teams will compete for product prizes only.  

The ABT BARRA Pro Series will be Boater/Non Boater, Shared Length events. There will be two qualifiers in 2011, one at Monduran and one at Peter Faust. The ABT Barra Pro series will provide the gateway to AFC selection. It will provide Barra anglers the opportunity to compete for individual accolades as Boaters. Non Boaters, for the first time, will get the opportunity to be drawn to fish with the best impoundment barra anglers in the country. With a shared length limit, Boaters and Non Boater pairings will work together towards their limit, to encourage teamwork and sharing of knowledge. Note that entries for Barra Pros will close a week prior to the events, in order to sure up numbers. Boater/Non Boater pairings will also be published on 3-5 days prior to the events, to allow pairings the opportunity to coordinate prefishing, launching and posssibly travel plans.  

ABT BARRA Grand Final – Will be a Boater/Non Boater event, 2 sessions, 5 fish shared length limits. As the Inagural BARRA Grand Final, this event will be hotly contested, as anglers will compete for Individual Glory as Grand Final Champion for the first time ever in an ABT event. Note the dates has moved forward a week to the 11-13 February, to avoid conflict with other Barra and Bass events.    

2011 Draft BARRA Calender                      
11 -13 February          ABT BARRA Pro Grand Final – Awoonga 2×5 – Cancelled                 

12-13 March               ABT BARRA Pro Rd 1 – Monduran  2×5 – Cancelled                              

14 – 15May                BARRA Trophy Rd 1 – Awoonga 3×3 – Cancelled                               

9-11 September         ABT BARRA Pro Rd 2 – Peter Faust 2×5 – Cancelled                         

7-9 October               BARRA Trophy Rd 2 – Monduran 3×3                             

28 – 29 October          BARRA Trophy Rd 3 – Teemburra 2×5                            

31 Oct – 1 Nov            BARRA Trophy Rd 4 – Peter Faust 3×3                           

4 – 5 November          BARRA Trophy Rd 5 – Awoonga 3×3                               

7 – 8 November          BARRA Trophy Rd 6 – Awoonga 2×5                              

11 – 12 November      BARRA Trophy Rd 7 – Monduran 2×5