2013 BARRA Tour Draft Dates

The 2013 Barra tour will see a raft of exciting new changes. Click through for more details.
The series this year will have a northern focus hitting the big barra dams of Peter Faust, Kinchant and Teemburra in what is sure to be a week of hot barra fishing. The series will also see a change in format from the individual style events of the past to a team format, giving the anglers the opportunity to fish with a friend and get the most out of the tour. With barra back on AFC and the big barra biting the 2013 BARRA Tour is one not to be missed.

  2013 Tour Includes  

–          Teams

–          Best 3 of 3 rounds for TOY (Team of the Year)

–          Return of the Night Championship event format

–          All events within two hours drive of each other

Date Venue Type Session Briefing Presetation
Fri 22/11 Faust Evening 2 – 9 pm 1:00 PM  
Sat 23/11 Faust Evening 2 – 9 pm    
Sun 24/11 Presentation        9:00 AM
Mon 25/11 Rest        
Tue 26/11 Kinchant Night Championship 4pm – 7am 3:00 PM  
Wed 27/11 Presentation        11:00 AM
Thur 28/11 Rest        
Fri 29/11 Teemburra Evening 2 – 9 pm 12:00 PM  
Sat 30/11 Teemburra Evening 2 – 9 pm    
Sun 1/12 Presentation        9:00 AM