McNamara wins Faust Night Championships

The average size of the barramundi caught was 92.34cm, once again proving that Faust is one of the standout big barra fisheries of the east coast.

The Champion Team category was awarded to Tackle Tuggers, consisting of Denny Howarth and Clay Dale, who together boated a combined bag of 6 fish, for a total of 430cm, easily outclassing the other teams.

The event however belonged to Mussellbrook electrician Alan McNamara, who claimed the Champion Angler and Daiwa Big Barra Title. With his fishing partner Darren Lewis leading the way in the two-day event and claiming victory, McNamara picked up where Lewis left off, landing 3 fish for the session, for a total of 308cm.
Team Freddy’s Fishing World (Lewis & McNamara) headed straight to the bay that had delivered them so much during the previous event, and it was here that they began to target the fish holding in about 4 feet of water. With a Reid’s B52 lure (colour-silver and purple) tied on, McNamara worked his lure methodically, twitching it and pausing over the weed. His choice of tackle included an EGrell B65 rod matched to a Daiwa Advantage baitcaster reel, spooled with 50 pound Harro Bionic braid and finished with a Jack Erskine twisted leader.

“When the big barra struck it jumped once and made a short run for open water. It lapped the boat once before it was netted”, McNamara explained.

“It wasn’t until 12 hours later that I boated my next fish. I knew I was in with a chance, with one good fish and not seeing many camera flashes throughout the night” he said.

Having fished the deep water and the timber for no touches, it was the bay that had previously brought them a fish that yielded yet again. Working a stretch of bank 200 metres from where the Daiwa Big Barra was captured, the B52 was on fire, this time in 8 feet of water.

“It was frustrating fishing, as 3 out of 10 casts pulled up weed, but I persisted, as I knew the fish were there” McNamara said.

“Between the early hours of 4 and 5am we had a hot little session. I reckon we lost 5 fish, one was an absolute monster. It was like a little black marlin leaping out of the water heading straight for the boat”, he claimed.

“Unfortunately, the lure just fell out and I thought to myself that was huge, oh well, keep fishing”, a determined McNamara explained.

Second place getter Denny Howarth (3/5, 243cm) explained how he caught all his fish using top water lures such as Sugois and Cultiva Tango Dancers.

“I mainly use a walk the dog technique and try and mix it up with slow and fast retrieves. When I felt a bite, I paused the lure and simply jiggled the rod tip a bit until the barra engulfed the lure”, Howarth explained.

Having caught several barra in 2-5 feet of water over the previous two days, this is where team Tackle Tuggers concentrated their efforts. Howarth’s choice of gear included a Shakespeare Ugly Stick 5”6 rod, matched to a Shimano Calcutta baitcaster reel spooled with 30 pound Bionic braid and finished with a 50 pound twisted crimped leader.

The final leg of the 2005 Daiwa BARRA Tour sees the series travel to Lake Tinaroo near Cairns. Here the AOY Team and Angler of the Series will be decided, and the winner of the Eclipse mothership charter will be drawn.

If you would like to join in the fun for either the remainder of the 2005 Daiwa BARRA Tour or want to start planning for next year, check out all the info at

Place Angler F1 L1 TF TL
1 Alan Macnamara 3 308 3 308
2 Denny Howarth 3 243 3 243
3 Lindsay Dobe 2 208 2 208
4 Paul Topp 2 205 2 205
5 Rodney Collings 2 191 2 191
6 Peter Price 2 190 2 190
7 Peter May 2 187 2 187
7 Clay Dale 3 187 3 187
9 Gavin Dunne 2 174 2 174
10 Arthur Lovern 1 114 1 114
11 Andy Thomsen 1 113 1 113
12 Matt Coleman 1 109 1 109
13 Robert Williams 1 95 1 95
14 John Oakes 1 77 1 77
15 Steve Blaney 0 0
15 Brian Hampton 0 0
15 Barry Collett 0 0
15 Les Reibelt 0 0
15 Trevor Burgess 0 0
15 David Lang 0 0
15 Steve Tracey 0 0
15 Trevor Cassidy 0 0
15 John Schwerin 0 0
15 Dennis Schwerin 0 0
15 Darren Lewis 0 0
15 Luke Coleman 0 0
15 Jack Erskine 0 0
15 Cathy McNaught 0 0
15 Adam Meredith 0 0
15 Michael Boehm 0 0
15 Cy Taylor 0 0
15 Kerrin Taylor 0 0
15 Peter Roberts 0 0
15 Graham Vallance 0 0